How sustainable is chicken farming?

With all agricultural industries across Australia looking at how they can operate more sustainably and considering whether, and when, a carbon neutral future may be possible, it is timely to reflect on what the chicken industry’s environmental impact is and celebrate its unique achievements. It’s a fact that most commercial chicken meat production today is […]

Five Things I Learned on a Tour of a Meat Chicken Farm

The Australian meat chicken farming industry is one that has been tainted by some long-standing myths and misperceptions, so when the chance came to see things for myself, I jumped at it. Being new to the industry, I had my own perceptions, and I was keen to see if my perceptions matched reality. Here are […]

Farmers share how they are part of the climate solution

A new initiative launched on August 18 is sharing stories of the climate action Aussie farmers are taking while continuing to produce the food and natural fibres we all depend on. Research commissioned by the National Farmers’ Federation measured community sentiment towards agriculture, climate change and sustainability. Of those surveyed, 21 per cent of Australians […]

Cattle market stronger than ever

The domestic cattle market is as strong as it’s ever been. Prices all along the supply chain have risen, with multiple saleyard indicators hitting new records. The Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) and Western Young Cattle Indicator (WYCI) both achieved 1,029¢/kg carcase weight (cwt) this week, just shy of previous records set. Some of the […]

Angus bull sets new Australian record with $280,000 price tag

The freshly broken national record price for an Angus bull has been broken again by the original record holders. On Thursday, Millah Murrah Angus stud near Bathurst, in Central West NSW, sold a Black Angus bull for $280,000 to a stud in Dorrigo. The sale means the stud near Bathurst has reclaimed the title for the most […]

Tasmanian Poll Dorset ram Lyell breaks breed record

A Poll Dorset ram from northern Tasmania has set a record price for the breed, selling for $41,000 to two central west New South Wales stud farms. ‘Lyell’ was bred by Andrew and Caroline McLauchlan on Valma Stud at Whitemore in northern Tasmania. “It’s a bit of a shock to the system, but a very […]

National record set with new season lambs cracking $330 barrier

Another national lamb record was broken at the sheep and lamb sale in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales’ Riverina. Forty-five new-season lambs sold for $331.20 — which translates to 1033c/kg carcase weight — to MC Herd, an abattoir from Geelong in Victoria. The new record is more than $10 above the previous $320 set three years ago. […]

Meet the Batistas: the global beef barons battling for control of Australia’s meat

In the end, it wasn’t the bribery of Brazilian government officials that put the Batista brothers, who own Australia’s biggest meat processor, in jail. The authorities never actually brought the brothers, Wesley and Joesley, to trial over allegations they engaged in the large-scale corruption of the country’s politicians. Instead they agreed a plea deal with them. […]