Sweeping changes, as Teys Australia transitions into new management era

A SERIES of senior management changes are about to unfold at Teys Australia, representing the biggest transitional adjustment seen since the Teys Brothers processing business merged with Cargill Australia almost a decade ago. Teys Australia is one of Australia’s largest beef processors, with large export plants at Beenleigh, Lakes Creek and Biloela in Queensland, Wagga […]

Fearless livestock emissions crusader to address Beef 2021 gathering

PROMINENT US animal scientist Frank Mitloehner has been confirmed as one of the keynote speakers during the industry symposium being held at Beef 2021 event in Rockhampton in May. Prof Mitloehner has risen to prominence over the past three or four years as a fearless crusader explaining the relationship between livestock and climate change and dispelling many […]

Are high heavy lamb prices here to stay?

Current heavy lamb market trends The National Heavy Lamb Indicator has been on an upwards trajectory since the start of the year, with a brief correction mid-January. On Tuesday 9 February, the indicator averaged 845¢/kg carcase weight (cwt), up 17¢/kg year-on-year, which was a reflection of yardings for the same day reporting a significant decline […]

Are Australian meat chickens genetically modified? The answer is no.

Modern breeds of chicken are no more genetically modified (GM) than your poodle or labrador.  Given consumers’ uncertainty around whether chickens raised for meat are genetically modified – 37% of Australians say yes, 44% say they don’t know and only 19% say no [1] – then I need to explain…. Genetic modification is not needed for modern […]

Hey True Blue

Did you know that all fresh and frozen raw chicken meat available in Australia is in fact ‘born, bred and raised’ in Australia? Some consumers mistakenly think that the chicken they place on their table may come from overseas. It doesn’t! Our chickens have been grown on Australian farms, and processed in Australian processing plants, […]

Emerging technologies could help deliver ‘clean label’ and ‘free-from’ value-added beef products

A COMBINATION of emerging technologies like High Pressure Thermal Processing, and use of natural preservatives may play a role in delivering more so-called ‘clean label’ and ‘free-from’ red meat value-added products in coming years. ‘Clean label’ and ‘free-from’ trends are evolving across the food industry as consumers continue to show a preference for more natural […]

Lambpro breeding manager wins Zanda McDonald Award

LAMBPRO breeding manager and aspiring farm owner Rozzie O’Reilly has won the prestigious Zanda McDonald Award. And the 28 year-old is hoping the award can help her learn from other industries and get her closer to owning some land for the lamb and beef operation she operates with her fiancé. As breeding manager for Australia’s […]

Processor margins’ sink to record lows

TYPICAL beef processor margins on slaughter cattle have produced losses exceeding $300/head for the first time, a recent analysis has shown. A theoretical monthly processor margin calculation made by Thomas Elder Markets suggests losses during January averaged $310 per head*, across adult slaughter cattle. As the graph below shows, this is the lowest recorded monthly […]

‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ Starts School!

Are you interested in finding out more about how the chicken many of us eat are produced whilst taking a journey to explore the ‘living world’? If so, a new series of online school resources have been launched, free for use in Australian schools. The ‘Chicken Farming in the Living World’ inquiry-based teaching resource series explores how […]