Lamb and wool demand to stay steady into 2021 – Rural Bank

DEMAND for Australian sheep meat is expected to remain steady and wool prices are expected to steadily recover, in the first half of 2021, according to Rural Bank’s Australian agriculture outlook 2021. The outlook report said Australian lamb production is forecast to increase year-on-year after being well below average in 2020; however mutton production is […]

Aussie beef – in a good paddock despite the challenges

The world wants to eat more. And there are more of us. Global population growth means the food revolution is underway. For Australlia, that means greater demand from international markets – for food and fibre. And, in many cases, we just can’t produce enough of it. That means it is an exciting and challenging time […]

UK’s beef herds could be key to sustainable farming, says report

The UK’s beef herd could be at the heart of a sustainable farming system that tackles both the climate and wildlife crises while producing sufficient healthy food, according to a report. However, production and consumption of other meat, milk and eggs would have to fall by half, and large forests of new trees would have […]

Record high steaks: Why Australian beef has become so expensive

Budget-conscious steak lovers may need to forgo the scotch fillet and sirloin in 2021 with the price of Australian beef reaching a record high. A combination of local climatic conditions and consequences of the global pandemic has caused the retail price of prime beef to skyrocket. According to data from industry body Meat and Livestock Australia, […]

Local Gem: Dragon Meat for the Gods, Donkey Meat for the Rest of Us

When it comes to the protein that best suits Beijing’s harsh winter, mutton tends to be the first choice. Yet, in the vast lands of northern China, there are plenty of other options, one of which is widely praised among common folks for its affordable price and superb taste and nutrition. That is, donkey meat! In […]

Here’s Why Being A Conscientious Meat Lover Is A Thing — For Good!

Ever thought about going full-on vegetarian but just couldn’t bite the bullet? Maybe you know someone who’s swapped their burgers for beans to line up with their values but really misses eating meat—and, well, you’re not super eager to know what that’s like. There’s good news: If you eat all the things, you don’t have to look […]

Lamb and mutton price gap closes in

Elevated mutton prices off the back of heavy demand coinciding with easing lamb prices has seen the price relationship between the two edge closer. Last week the National Mutton Indicator and the National Lamb Indicator (NTLI) moved closer together with mutton sitting just 17 per cent below the price of lamb. As well as this […]

Feeding imported human food to stock may pose serious disease risk: DAWE

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment is reminding importers, distributors and manufacturers that they must have approval from the department to use imported plant and animal-derived ingredients in the manufacture of animal feeds. Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr Mark Schipp is encouraging those who manufacture animal feed products to contact their supplier or trader to confirm […]

Risk management tools needed for beef industry to grow to its potential, says white paper

THE development of risk management tools should be a priority if the Australian red meat industry is to fulfil its future growth potential, a recently published industry white paper suggests. A recently released industry white paper commissioned by Meat & Livestock Australia explores the Australian cattle industry’s awareness, willingness to change and appetite for improved […]

Beef cross steers make $2142 at Boyanup sale

ELDERS yarded just over advertised numbers of 1500 head at the Boyanup store cattle sale last week, and while it grossed just shy of $2 million that disappointed agents, that was the only disappointment for the day. Under current sales, records are proving short-lived, as last week’s record of 502c/kg was smashed by a pen […]