The kid from Jakarta’s slums running cattle on King Island

From his quad bike on a farm track with his dog Rufus by his side, Sukma Bowling sees kilometres of pristine coastline and hectares of lush pasture. There’s not another person in sight. He helps run a remote farm on the southern tip of King Island in Bass Strait, halfway between Tasmania and Victoria. The […]

Australia’s meat industry not cooked yet

Australia’s red meat industry is well positioned to respond to a global demand for protein, according to Meat and Livestock Australia manager Graeme Yardy. Mr Yardy said while there had been a greater discussion around meat substitutes, Australians still enjoyed meat. the population in Australia continues to buy red meat and enjoy it as part […]

Carbon neutral: The red meat industry’s big, bold promise

T’s the Australian red meat industry’s big, bold promise to the world. To be carbon neutral by 2030. Through its own initiatives, offset its significant methane production – 129.3 million tonnes of CO2 equivalents – by the end of the decade. But is what’s become known in the livestock industry as CN30 achievable? According to […]

Lamb prices blast through the $300 barrier as supplies tighten

Lamb prices pushed through the $300 barrier this week despite fears about the impact of coronovirus on sheepmeat exports to China. Extra heavy lambs fetched $305 (estimated to dress 40kg) at Bendigo on Monday but that price was beaten the next day at Ballarat when heavy shorn lambs sold for $310. The Eastern States Trade […]

The top jobs on the list for cattle producers in 2020

THE strength of global demand for beef and the fact Australia exports three quarters of its production means trade access and market diversity will be a key agripolitical goal for cattle producers this year. However, it is only one of many moving parts and big challenges that producers and their representative organisations will have to […]

Supermarkets take more share of retail meat sales

AS supermarkets continue to increase their dominance of retail beef and lamb sales, agrifood marketing experts say understanding the dynamics driving that places producers in the best position to identify opportunities. The latest survey data shows supermarkets now account for 70.2 per cent of the fresh meat market. Prominent market research company Roy Morgan’s January-released […]

Rain to drive cattle market story in 2020

RAIN will rule supreme in terms of dictating the cattle market story and the shift to herd rebuilding in 2020, despite international factors including extremely robust demand packing a big punch. This is the picture painted by the latest outlook from key provider of market information, Meat & Livestock Australia. In what would arguably be […]