Export grinding meat prices continue to soar to record levels

IMPORTED Australian 90 CL grinding beef prices into the US have soared to all-time record levels over the past month, driven by global demand for meat protein, a sharp seasonal decline in NZ beef production and favourable currency trends. International competitors have provided increasingly stiff opposition to US customers intent on sourcing lean Australian frozen […]

Bye bye bacon African swine fever threatens the Australian pork industry

African swine fever, the disease that has ravaged the global pig population, may be on our doorstep, but Australian butchers, farmers and government agencies are preparing themselves. “They say it’s only a matter of time before it gets here,” says smallgoods producer Felix Gamze from Gamze Smokehouse in Victoria. He refers to the announcement last […]

MLA MD Jason Strong’s views on anti-meat activism, alternative proteins

EIGHT months into his new job as Meat & Livestock Australia managing director and CEO, Jason Strong gave a frank and forthright account of his views on anti-meat activism and the perceived threat to red meat from plant based proteins during last week’s annual general meeting in Tamworth. The Lemontree feedlot invasion took place the week before he started […]

Swine fever’s impact: the good and bad

AS AFRICAN swine fever wreaks massive disruption in global protein supply and demand over the next two years, there will be benefits to Australian producers in upward pressure on prices, analysts believe. On the flip side, ASF presents the greatest risk from animal disease Australia has ever faced, although red meat industry leaders feel the […]

Australia’s largest meat processor in beef-tracking trial

Major beef company working with Microsoft partner on IoT trial. Australia’s largest meat processor, JDS Australia, is trialing technology that tracks beef from ‘paddock to plate’. The company, which is a subsidiary of global food processing giant JBS S.A., is using sensors, artificial intelligence and blockchain to provide information about beef provenance and quality. Sydney […]

South America flexes but the US still our main competition

WHILE South American countries continue to flex their muscle in global beef markets Australia holds dear, the United States remains our number one competitor. US overlap with Australia in high-end export markets became even more pronounced through 2019 with their trade deal negotiations and heavy supply having an impact. The US, Brazil and Argentina remain […]